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RH62214- 150W

The RH62214 is an automatic antenna tuner, providing perfect and fast tuning to the various whip or dipole antennas when operating with radios.

It handles up to 150 watts RF power for voice communications (peak) and up to 125 W continuous power  for data communications.

The RH62214 matches the antenna impedance to the 50 Ω output impedance of the radio system, with a nominal VSWR of not higher than 1.4 in the 1.6 to 30 MHz frequency range.

The dipole antenna is to be connected to the high voltage isolators at side walls of the tuning unit. The dipole antenna is to be connected to one of the isolators while the second one is grounded.

The tuning unit has a waterproof rugged housing (available in two versions: ABS plastic of Aluminum)

RH62214 rh62214- 150w-RH62214- 150W-Antennas
62214_2 rh62214- 150w-RH62214- 150W-Antennas

Technical specifications

Frequency range: 1.6-30 MHz
Input power: 150 W PEP, 125 W
Input impedance (when matched): Average
Tuning time by algorithm 50 Ohm, VSWR ≤ 1.4
Tuning time from the memory on pre-programmed < 1 s
frequencies < 2 ms
RF power used for tuning by algorithm 5-10 W
Power supply voltage 12V DC, current < 1.2А
Antenna types:

— horizontal dipole

— vertical whip

L=(8-20)x2m H=5-10m

H=4-6 m

Operation Temperature Range -40 … 65° C
Storage Temperature Range -40…70°C
Humidity 95% 20 to 50 ° C

— acceleration

— frequency


5-300 Hz

Control interface: RF cable (up to 60 m)
Dimensions: 170x385x405 mm
Weight 8.1 kg (plastic) / 11 kg (Aluminum)