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RH6233 is designed to match the transmitter with 10 m Whip or 7-30 m Wire antennas input impedance within  1500 … 30000 kHz frequency range. RH6233 provides transformation of the antenna input impedance to 50 ohm active resistance with VSWR less than 1.4. RH6233 has waterproof aluminum housing and can be mounted with 4 M8 screws. Antenna isolator is located on the top of the device and provides connection to the antenna. RH6233 has 50 Ohm RF input connector for HF transmitter and the control cable connector (for up to 30 m remote control).


Technical specifications

Frequency  range:                                                                         1500…30000 kHz

Input power:                                                                                   1000 W PEP

Input impedance:                                                                           50 Ω, VSWR less than 1.4

Tuning time according

to the algorithm                                                                             less than 5 sec

Tuning time from memory

on pre-programmed frequencies                                               less than 0.3 sec

Antennas                                                                                        10 m Whip,

7-30 m Wire

Supply voltage                                                                                +48VDC with the current less than 2A


— without protrusions                                                                  560x360x202 mm

— with the protruding parts                                                         670x370x206 mm

Weight                                                                                             20 kg

Operation Temperature Range:                                                 -22 to 149°F (-30 to 65° C)

Storage Temperature Range:                                                     -22…149°F (-40…85°C)