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The RH62211 antenna is designed to provide

the efficient matching of 125 W transmitter output

with different whip and dipole antennas in the HF frequency range (1.5…30.0 MHz). The RH62211 implements fast, fully automatic matching for

digital and voice communication, with ALE and ECCM  modes support.

The antenna provides the following configurations:

  • Operation with standard HF 5 m whip on move;
  • Fast deployment of HF dipole (inverted V) with whip as the mast.


  • Automatic switching from whip mode to dipole and back
  • High efficiency, low losses
  • Excellent VSWR (<1.4)
  • Reliable field proof operation in harsh environment

Technical specifications

Frequency range: 1500..30000 kHz
Antenna types: dipole 8-25 m

whip 4.7-6.0 m

Bandwidth at VSWR= 2.0 level: 13.3kHz (at 1.5MHz), 16.8MHz (at 2MHz)
RF Input power: 125 W PEP and Average
RF tuning power 5 — 10 W
Input VSWR at carrier frequency: <1.4
Tuning time by algorithm: <2 s
Tuning time from memory: < 3 ms
Power supply voltage: +27 VDC @ 1 A
Humidity: 95% @ +20°С to +50°С
ATU dimensions: 464x458x163 mm without tray,

466x458x208 mm with tray;

ATU weight: 15.5 kg
Operation temperature range: -40°С …. +65°С
Control interface: RS232
Housing : Aluminum