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Designed to work with any HF radio transceivers, the RH6152 power amplifier delivers the most reliable radio communications for a wide range of operational applications.

With its strict precision design, the fully solid-state amplifier features the latest and most advanced technology, providing exceptional linearity, efficiency and operating dependability for HF radio voice and data communications.

The RH6152 is universal device providing automatic/manual configuration of its circuitry and gain depending of the input signal level. The RF Amplifier/Power Supply is a stand alone unit coming as one 19” rack.

rh6152-5000w-RH6152-5000W-PRODUCTS HF

Technical specifications

Frequency range: 1.5-30 MHz
Output Power: 5000 W PEP and AVE

3 power levels : 5kW, 1.5kW and 500W

Gain: 49 dB
Gain flatness in frequency range ±1 dB
Input power level 18±3 dBm
Intermodulation better than –32 dB (ref to any tone)


Non-harmonic components: better than – 70dB
Harmonic components: better than – 60dB is provided with 8-bands switchable filter at frequency bands:

1.5-2.2 MHz

2.2-3.2 MHz

3.2-4.6 MHz

4.6-6.7 MHz

6.7-9.8 MHz

9.8-14.2 MHz

14.2-20.6 MHz

20.6-30 MHz

Input/output impedance: 50 Ω
Transmitter tune time < 1 s
VSWR 2:1 – 5:1
Operation with unmatched load Nominal Power
(Power vs VSWR): 60% of Nominal Power          2.5:1

50% of Nominal Power          3.0:1

40% of Nominal Power          4.0:1

20% of Nominal Power          5.0:1

Switching on time 1 s
Tx/Rx switching time 10 ms
Rx/Tx switching time 10 ms
Switching between any harmonic filters 10 ms
Cooling system: forced air cooling
Over heat protection: Cooling system automatic control, 2-level protection.
Primary Power: 3 phase, 380 ± 10% VAC, 47 to 63Hz.
Power consumption: Less than 20 kW
Power factor > 0.85
Duty cycle: 100% continuous, with forced air cooling
Operation temperature range -10 to +50 ºC
Dimensions: 600х600х1600 mm
Weight: < 300 kg

RH6152 provides the following controls and indications:


  • Input signal level indication.
  • PTT status.
  • Forward and reflected power levels.
  • Critical Errors indication.
  • Power supply voltage, current and PSU status indications.
  • Power Combiner fault state.
  • Fault indication for each Aplification Unit (1.5 kW).