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The RH6137 is a solid state, broadband power amplifier,

designed to meet the new standards of software reprogrammable radios to satisfy the performance required in the use of HF radios in modern, digital communication systems.

The RH6137 has proven performance used as a standard RF amplification module with built-in pre-amplifier. The RF Amplifier/Power Supply is a self-contained unit suitable for tabletop or 19” rack installation.

Broadband RF amplification with the complete elimination of tunable elements gives the family’s components the frequency agility characteristics required by ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) operation over the HF band.

The main features of the amplifier are:

  • Built-in controller
  • Built-in Pre-amplifier
  • LCD monitor
  • 2 –levels overheat protection
  • Short/open output protection
  • Continuous operational cycle at full output power
  • High reliability in harsh environment
6136 rh6137-1000w-RH6137-1000W-PRODUCTS HF

Technical specifications

Frequency range: 1.5-30 MHz VSWR 2:1 – 4:1
Output Power: in SSB mode

in CW mode

peak — 1000 W

average — 1000 W

Operation with unmatched load: Output power is reduced,

650W at VSWR=2.0

450W at VSWR =3.0

330W at VSWR =4.0

260W at VSWR =5.0 autonomous protection at short or open output

Gain: 42 dB Switching on time 3 s
Gain flatness in frequency range ±1 dB Tx/Rx switching time 10 ms
Input power level 18±3 dBm Rx/Tx switching time 25 ms
Intermodulation better than –32 dB (ref to any tone) Switching between any harmonic filters 2 ms
Non-harmonic components: better than – 70dB Cooling system forced air cooling
Harmonic components: better than – 60dB is provided with 8-bands switchable filter at frequency bands:

1.5-2.2 MHz

2.2-3.2 MHz

3.2-4.6 MHz

4.6-6.7 MHz

6.7-9.8 MHz

9.8-14.2 MHz

14.2-20.6 MHz

20.6-30 MHz

Over heat protection: Cooling system automatic control, 2-level protection.
Input/output impedance: 50 Ω Primary Power: 90-250 VAC, 47-63Hz
Power consumption: Less than 3350 W
Duty cycle: Continuous, with forced air cooling
Operation temperature range 10 to +50 ºC
Dimensions: 482(W) ×221(H) ×475(D) mm



29 kg