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RH6121 is designed according to the highest accuracy requirements with the most advanced technology. The amplifier provides the highest level  of linearity, power efficiency and reliability of HF radio transceivers  in the up-to-day digital

PA150W rh6121-150w-RH6121-150W-PRODUCTS HF

Technical specifications

Operating frequency range:

Output power in CW, SSB PEP modes:





1.5-30 МHz

Four levels:

150 W ±1 dB

75 W ±1 dB

37 W ±1 dB

19 W ±1 dB


Amplification gain:

Nominal power input level:



Harmonic level:









36 dB

16 dBm ± 3 dBm

less than -38 dB relative to PEP at 50 Ω load

-34 dB relative to PEP with VSWR≥2:1

less than -50 dB, with 7-band switchable filter in the following frequency bands:

1.5 — 2.3 МHz

2.3 — 3.5 МHz

3.5 — 5.4 МHz

5.4-8.3 МHz

8.3 -12.8 МHz

12.8 — 20.0 МHz

20.0 — 30.0 МHz

Non-harmonic component level:

Input/output impedance:

Operation at load mismatch:







less than – 70 dB

50 Ω

Operation is provided in the load range with VSWR 2:1 – 5:1. At this

condition an output power will be reduced to:

97W at VSWR =2,

68W at VSWR=3,

50W at VSWR=4,

60W at VSWR=5,

Independent protection at short and open output is provided.

Activation time:

Switching time of transmission/reception:

Switching time of reception/transmission:

Switching time between any harmonic filters:


Control system:




2 sec.

10 msec.

25 msec.

2 msec.

RS232 / RS485

It provides a monitoring and indicates the following features:

Output power level; reflected power level; VSWR value; operating

frequency range; input signal level; thermal conditions control; monitoring

of the separate functional node operability of the device.

Cooling system:

Overheating protection:

Power supply voltage :

Operation cycle:

Operating temperature range:



Air forced ventilation

Automatic cooling system control, two-step overheating protection.

27 ±2V DC. Input current is less than 19А at nominal load in CW mode.

Continuous using the air forced ventilation

-30ºC to +55º C

159×164×381.5 mm

18 kg