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RH6411- 14.4V/28.8V; 18Ah/9Ah

Battery RH6411 consists :

2 separate pack (each pack is 14,4 V).

Every pack has an individual controller (incl. safety function) with 5-segment LCD display for residual capacity indication.

2 packs can be connected serially or parallel.

Battery RH6411 can be connected with the PC by I2C interface for programming or reading static and dynamic information such as manufacturer name, serial nr., DOD

cycles quantity, each battery strings health, residual capacity and etc

rh6411- 14.4v/28.8v; 18ah/9ah-RH6411- 14.4V/28.8V; 18Ah/9Ah-Heavy duty batteries

Technical specifications

Voltage Max: 14,4V or 28,8 V

Nominal: 12 V or 24 V

Nominal capacity 14,4 V: 18,0 Аh

28,8 V: 9 Аh

Note: the capacity can be increased depending on cells technology progress

Max Continuous discharge current 28,8 V (25˚ С): 10,0 А

14,4 V (25˚ С): 20,0 А

Short Continuous discharge current (not more 5 sec) 28,8 V (25˚ С): 20,0 А

14,4 V (25˚ С): 40,0 А

Weight 1,4 kg
Dimensions (H, L, W) 127х112х61 mm
Working temperature -30˚ С till +65˚ С
Self-discharge less 6% per month (25˚ С)
Storage temperature -30˚ С till +60˚ С
Case material plastic
Connector 6-pin