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RH6422- 24V; 10.4 Ah

Designed to work with any HF radio transceivers, the RH6152 power amplifier delivers the most reliable radio communications for a wide range of operational applications.

With its strict precision design, the fully solid-state amplifier features the latest and most advanced technology, providing exceptional linearity, efficiency and operating dependability for HF radio voice and data communications.

The RH6152 is universal device providing automatic/manual configuration of its circuitry and gain depending of the input signal level. The RF Amplifier/Power Supply is a stand alone unit coming as one 19” rack.

rh6422- 24v; 10.4 ah-RH6422- 24V; 10.4 Ah-Heavy duty batteries

Technical specifications

Voltage Max: 26 V and additional output 13V Nominal: 24 V
Capacity 10,4 Аh

Note: the capacity can be increased depending on cells technology progress

Max discharge current 10 А
Cut-off current 40 А
Dimension (L, W, H) 245х89х87 mm
Working temperature -30˚ С till +65˚ С
Self-discharge Less than 3% per month (25˚ С)
Storage temperature -30˚ С till +60˚ С
Case material Metal