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RH6251 is designed to match the transmitter with 10 m Whip or 7-30 m Wire antennas input impedance within  1500 … 30000 kHz frequency range. RH6251 provides transformation of the antenna input impedance to 50 Ohm active resistance with VSWR less than 1.4 (without power reduction till VSWR =5.0) RH6251  has air cooled aluminum housing for installation inside a communication site (building or shelter vehicle). Antenna isolators are located on the top of the device and provide connection to the antenna: 2 symmetrical outputs (600 Ohm) and 1 non-symmetrical output (50 Ohm). Antenna switch is locating inside the device. RH6251 has 50 Ohm RF input connector for HF transmitter and the control cable connector (for up to 20 m remote control).

RH6251 has short and open circuit protection and appropriate failure alarms.


Technical specifications

Frequency  range:                                                                         1500…30000 kHz

Input power:                                                                                   5000 W PEP (without power reduction for VSWR<5.0)

Input impedance:                                                                           50 Ω( non-symm)/600 Ohm (symm) VSWR less than 1.4

Tuning time according

to the algorithm                                                                             less than 5 sec

Tuning time from memory

on pre-programmed frequencies                                               less than 0.3 sec

Tuning power                                                                                 10 W

Antennas                                                                                        10 m Whip,

7-30 m Wire

Supply voltage                                                                                220 V AC (AC/DC converter is built-in)

Dimensions                                                                                      600x600x1000 mm

Weight                                                                                             60 kg

Operation Temperature Range:                                                 -22 to 149°F (-30 to 60° C)

Storage Temperature Range:                                                     -22…149°F (-40…85°C)