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Magnetic Half-Loop Antenna

  • Built-in High Efficiency Automatic Tuner
  • Multiple Antenna variations for implementing exact and required radiation patterns
  • 0-600 mi. operation without skip zone
  • Low sensitivity to electrical noise
  • 0-100 miles, received signal SNR is 10db stronger than typical Whip Antennas
  • Support for continuous duty data systems
  • Collocation improvement
  • Omni-directional for NVIS communication
  • Easy to install



Technical specifications

Frequency Band:

Input Power:

Tuned Antenna Input Impedance:

Azimuth Radiation Pattern:

Tuning Time from Memory:

Tuning RF Power:

Power supply:

Tuner Dimensions:

Radiating Element Dimensions:

Tuner weight:

Operation Temperature Range:

1.6 — 30 MHz

< 125 W PEP and AVG

50 Ohm with VSWR < 1.5


< 300ms

7 w

12VDC, current less than 1А (24 VDC for HLA-6125)

19.92”x10.24”x9.84”  (505 x 260×250 mm)

6’x 3” or 9’x4’’ (1.8×0.07 m or 2.74x 0.1 m)

15.4 lbs (7 kgs)

-40 to 149°F (-40 to 65° C)